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Step-By-Step Guide to Use Online Services

  • Have you ever experienced difficulties to use online services?
  • Have you ever got a URL from merchant but had totally no idea what it is about?
  • Have you ever thought teaching parents step by step is so time consuming?

Well, here comes us! We built up this website to provide accurate and detailed guidance, yes step by step, on a variety of popular online services.

Why Do We Set up This Website?

Internet is the most wonderful invention in the last 50 years. While nowadays it is still more useful to groups of geeks. There are billions of people lacking of access to all the information, or more sadly, they are lacking of necessary skills to leverage the access to this “Alexandria’s Laboratory”.

We always help parents to set up networks, teach them to click here and there, but there are still a lot elders that are not helped within time. Therefore we a group of people come up with this idea: to set up a website aiming for helping people with step by step guidance to trendy internet service.

Where Are We Going?

We are trying to provide useful and high quality content all by ourselves – we taste the service first, keep track of all steps, and list them out.

There are countless internet service these days. It is highly not possible to cover all of them, so we are targeting to provide most useful information in some certain areas, technical, finance, and daily life related.

Who Are We?

Our team is formed with people with different background. Diversity is the key to a rich knowledge base, we have people with literature degrees, people specialized in tech, and people from finance industry, most are from Ivy League colleges, and some in US and some in other countries. The good part of a diversified team is we could provide information in different areas, the opposite is our writing style could be distinguished from one to another.

It is the internet and the same value bring us together. We very appreciate the amazing technology, and would like to feedback back with our efforts.

Answer to the Most Frequently Asked Question

Some of you asked to have more guidance on discount shopping, especially how to find and take advantage of coupons and outlets. We are happy to put more efforts on the former. However, the latter is a little bit beyond the scope of this website.

After a thorough research, we recommend you to find such information on the outletsheet.com website, which specifies on outlet stores.

And if you want to find out specific information about regular stores, then we recommend you to go to hourszone.com. Should you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!