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Sam's Club Member Experience Survey

About Sam's Club

Sam’s Club is a chain of retail warehouse clubs which provides services only to their members. Sam’s Club is owned and operated by Wal-Mart Stores and it was founded in 1983. Now it serves over 47 million U.S. members at over 600 locations across the country.

About the Sam's Club Member Experience Survey

The Sam's Club Member Experience Survey is a customer feedback questionnaire created by Sam’s Club to measure how their members feel about the services and products they have received from Sam’s Club. The survey is conducted online and it takes only a few minutes to finish.

By taking part in the Sam's Club Member Experience Survey, you can express your satisfaction or complaints about Sam’s Club to help them make improvements to the quality of their customer service and to the products they sell there. What’s more, by taking the survey, you can enter a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card!

How can you take part in the Sam's Club Member Experience Survey?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. You need to be a member of Sam’s Club and you must have recently shopped at Sam’s Club.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Sam's Club Member Experience Survey website at http://www.survey.samsclub.com/
  2. Choose the language in which you will take part in the survey. Take English as an example. Choose English and then click on the button marked "Continue".
  3. Read the introduction and click on the button marked "Continue".
  4. Answer the survey questions as instructed and follow instructions to finish the survey.
  5. For more information about the official rules of the sweepstakes, you can go to https://survey.samsclub.com/Surveys/SC/SamsClubTrak/rules_en.htm?date=10/30/2011. If you need help, you can go to https://survey.samsclub.com/Surveys/SC/SamsClubTrak/faq_EN.htm?PIN=665011303234487.


Take part in the Sam’s Club Member Experience Survey to express your comments and you will also get a chance to win a grand prize of a $1000 of Sam’s Club gift card. Why not do it today?

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