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Univision Prepaid MasterCard

About Univision

Univision is the most popular Spanish-language television channel in the United States, often ranking just behind the five major English-language television channels. Univision is broadcast throughout the United States and has recently begun to branch out into new products and services, including the Univision Prepaid MasterCard.

About the Univision Prepaid MasterCard

The Univision Prepaid MasterCard is a prepaid value card that allows the card holder to add credit to the card and then use it to make purchases anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. The card is easy to apply for and you can get one without having a bank account or any kind of credit history, good or bad.

The Univision Prepaid MasterCard is a cheap, safe and easy way to manage your money. There is no danger of ranking up big credit card bills with punitive interest rates, because it is not a credit card. There are no minimum balance requirements or hidden fees because it is not a debit card. Put money into the card and it is safe there, and you can use it to spend in all of the millions of places that MasterCard is accepted all around the world.

How can you apply for a Univision Prepaid MasterCard?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Univision Prepaid MasterCard website at: www.univisiontarjeta.com
  2. This website is in the Spanish language. If you would like to access the site in English, click on the link marked, "English" in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  3. If you prefer to use the page in Spanish, click on the button marked, "Obtén Tu Tarjeta."
  4. Enter your personal information into the required fields and then click on the button marked, "Continuar."
  5. Make sure that all the information you’ve submitted is complete and correct and then submit your application.
  6. If you have any further questions about the Univision Prepaid MasterCard, please consult the FAQ at: www.univisiontarjeta.com/preguntas-frecuentes


If you are looking for a more convenient way to manage your money but you have credit problems or do not have a bank account, then you really ought to look into getting a Univision Prepaid MasterCard. They can be used anywhere, there are no hidden fees, and they work just like debit and credit cards only without the fees and risks of using those types of cards.

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